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Lucy Lawless back with reboot

Fans of “Evil Dead” have waited 30 years to know the fate of Ash Williams, and now with the Starz series “Ash vs. Evil Dead” their wish has come true. The new series premieres on Halloween. The show’s stars Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless spoke to FOX411 on the cult classic reboot, and weighed in on if TV has become too politically correct. 

FOX411: Fans at New York Comic Con got a special treat over the weekend when they viewed the first episode.  What was the reaction?

Bruce Campbell: They mostly just walked out. No, No!

Lucy Lawless: They went bonkers!

Campbell: They were very good to us.  They embraced it.  They shouted.  They screamed.  They ran away crying.

Lawless: It would be really easy to mess this up because the expectations are so high but this show really delivers.  Sam (Raimi) and Bruce and Robert (Tapert ) just hit a homerun.  I think the fans are going to be absolutely… it will knock their socks off.

Campbell: For years we danced around it.  We made some video games that came out to try and placate people, some comic books, a re-make but people were like, “Yeah, ok thanks that’s nice but that’s not the real thing.”  They wanted “Ash” back.  They wanted Sam Raimi back. They wanted the original group that made this so Rob Tapert, our producing partner, brought us down to New Zealand and away we went and we’re glad we did because I think the fans are really going to dig it. 

FOX411: “Evil Dead” is a cult classic but can people unfamiliar with the film watch the series?

Lawless: Oh yeah. We will get it in the first five minutes and it will make people refer back to the movies.

Campbell: I wouldn’t call this a complicated story.  I think people will fold right in.  If you like carnage and mayhem check it out.  If you like comedy, check it out.  We ride kind of a fine line here. This is not a dreary horror series. This is a half hour, fast-paced carnage and mayhem sort of cheeseball, one-liners.

Lawless: Rock 'n' roll!

Campbell: Rock 'n' roll! Sort of B-side rock 'n' roll. A little bit for everybody.

FOX411: Bruce, I saw an interview where you told people to stop being cheap and pay for the Starz series in order to get the blood and guts they want.  Do you think that regular television censors too much?  Have TV networks become too politically correct?

Campbell: TV, like a lot of broadcasts, it’s way too censored in my opinion. People should do what they want across these fine airwaves so as long as they don’t deceive viewers and let them know they’re about to watch but this show would not work on cable, it so would not work on broadcast. It has to work in an environment where we have no content restrictions. If you wanted to see this in a theater then you would have to pay way more than $12 bucks because the popcorn alone is going to cost you $15. Now you just pay for this and you’re good.

FOX411: Lucy, you have delved into the mythological/fantasy realm before. Now you’re playing “Ruby” who is a mysterious character. If you could choose between having superb fighting skills or being a complete vault of knowledge when it comes to defeating the undead which would you pick?

Lawless: What? Xena’s fighting skills?

FOX411: Yes, superb fighting skills like Xena or being a vault of knowledge?

Lawless: Oh well. Hmmm. I’m going to say the wealth of knowledge because brains eventually wins out over brawns.  So, I’m going to go with brains. 

Campbell: She’ll be the brains of the outfit and “Ash” will be the dumbbell.

Lawless: He’s the meathead who does what I tell him.

FOX411: Lucy, there are continual rumors that “Xena the Warrior Princess” is coming back to TV. Is that a reality?

Lawless: Look, if they wanted for 30 years for “Ash Vs Evil Dead” reboot they might have to wait a few more years to have me back in the role.  They might go off and make it with some 20 year old. It really takes that to do a series. Do it. Do it by all means. It’s none of my business but to do the spoofy, gnarly, hilarious…and this clown is totally in it by the way. 

Campbell: Hey, Xena what’s that noise I thought I heard?

Lawless: He’s going to be 100 years old by then but we’re doing it. 

Campbell: Hold those cue cards higher. I can’t see them.

FOX411: Both of you have played highly recognizable roles. Do you love that you’re known for a particular character or does that haunt you?

Campbell: I love that I’m known for playing Xena. Oh you’re talking about Lucy. 

FOX411: No, Ash.  Both of you.

Campbell: Oh, Ash. That’s right, that’s right. I think, you know, you might as well be known for something. I’ll take that. I’ll take that over some heinous crime that I’ve committed. Let’s not get into that. 

Lawless: Or a horrible ad series. I’m very grateful for everything it’s given me.  ou know that show and the fans that supported it just gave me everything including a family. I wouldn’t have met my husband. I wouldn’t have these fine children. I wouldn’t have met this clown. 

Campbell: And that really would have been the biggest tragedy of all.  Really.  It’s fine not to have children or anything, a family.

Diana Falzone is a reporter. You can follow her on Twitter @dianafalzone.

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