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 Wi-Fi TV   inch   Display   Res.   Hz   hdmi   3D   Smart   Stars   Reviews   US$ 
LG 60PN570060Plasma1080p6002NoYes4.654900.00
Panasonic DT6047,55,60LED1080p1203YesYes4.692010.00
Panasonic ET6055LED1080p1203YesYes4.227819.00
Panasonic WT6047,55LED1080p2403YesYes4.5271550.00
Samsung D650040,46,55,60LED1080p1204YesYes4.366730.00
Samsung F640040,46,50,55,60,65,75LED1080p1204YesYes4.3275778.00
Sony HX75046LED1080p2404YesYes4.3511249.00
Sony R520A60,70LED1080p1204NoYes4.1351499.00
Sony R550A50,60,70LED1080p1204YesYes4.11771198.00
Sony W650A32LED1080p602NoYes4.522648.00
Sony W802A47,55LED1080p1204YesYes4.1501098.00
Sony W850A65LED1080p1204yesYes4.8262498.00
Sony W900A55LED1080p2404yesYes4.8761705.00
Sony X850A55,65LED4K1204yesYes4.0242998.00
Sony X900A55,65LED4K1204yesYes3.7553498.00

* Stars and reviews columns show number of Amazon stars (out of 5) and customer reviews. Price valid for model with smallest display.

What is WiFi TV?

WiFi logoWifi TV sets are television sets equipped with WiFi, a wireless connection port. WiFi port enables a TV to communicate with various electronic devices (WiFi internet router, PC, gaming console, blu-ray player) without being physically connected to them. For such connection to work, electronic devices that are connected to television must support WiFi communication too.

Why do I need a WiFi TV?

Internet applications on TVOne benefit is the possibility to connect your TV with computer, gaming console, media player without using an Ethernet cable. These can be very practical, especially if you have more than one device that you want to connect.

Other, much bigger benefit is that most WiFi TVs are internet ready TVs. This means that you can connect your TV to the internet. In this manner you get access to different internet services (internet applications). A selection of internet services depends on TV manufacturer. Majority of them offer internet browsing, video and music on demand, access to Youtube, Facebook and similar social networking application, online photo galleries sharing, Skype, weather and sport information, etc.

How do I interact with internet applications?

Vizio keyboard remote controlDifferent TV manufacturers have different user interfaces to interact with the internet applications. All of them have some kind of icon styled menu interface, easily operated with remote control. Some brands like Visio include remote control with keyboard so you can interact with applications like Twitter and Facebook. Others offer a possibility to connect a standard USB computer keyboard to TV set.

WiFi TV and the future

WiFi TV and internet ready TV is quite young technology and manufacturers are adding new features. A modern technology integrates the ability to update device features by only updating its firmware. In this manner your TV will be up to date with the latest tech buzz.

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